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CNN10 - 09/21/18

Today's international coverage explores issues concerning the "Brexit," a high-speed rail line that runs through Israel, and the work of a Positive Athlete.

week 1: I ran through town and i saw how far i ran and how fast i ran.

Week 2: I drove to school and i drove home and i saw how fast i was driving.

Week 3: I cleaned the dog pens i opened the gates and i have a scooper that i clean them with.

Week 4: I did some measurements on the boat.

Week 5: I cut some wood that i put in the boat on the floor.

Week 6: I measured a room to put wood on the floor so we could put flooring down.

Week 7: I put a closet in a room and i had to use a level.

Week 8: I put a air handler in a house and i had to measure the space to see if it would fit.

Week 9: I had to run new line sets in a house and i had to cut a bigger hole in the floor.

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