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CNN10 - 09/21/18

Today's international coverage explores issues concerning the "Brexit," a high-speed rail line that runs through Israel, and the work of a Positive Athlete.




-What do you think you know about this topic?

Its an area that water is collected for a reserve

-What question or puzzles do you have?

Why do they have watersheds

-How can you explore this topic?

You can look it up on the internet or ask questions



-How does water cycle through a watershed?

It rains on a mountain then it comes down the mountain and goes into a creek then the creek goes to a river then the river goes into the watershed then the water goes into a river then goes down the river into the ocean


Watershed project 

I found a map but it wasn't what i needed so I'm still trying to find a map and i found some history about the culture and about the watershed.



How do small watersheds combine to form large ones?

-The water combine's the two bodies of water to make one big watershed.

How does water travel from watershed to watershed?

- By the rivers



How do our activities affect the water's quality?

-We pollute the water

Watershed project


The purpose of our watershed project was to teach us more about the purpose of watersheds and why we have watersheds

I learned that my watershed is about the size of Canada and the water that is in it flows out into the Arctic ocean

The question(s) that I have.. Why cant I find a good topographic map.

I used to think that watershed was just a shed the collected water from the gutters then it would through a pipe into a storage tank and you would have it for later.

I also thought it was just a tank that just collected water.

But, now i think it is a lake that collects the water that runs down the stream and rivers and then it collects into the lake.

And all the water in the surrounding area runs down into the lake.


How would you manage your local aquifer?

-take shorter showers and get a low flow toilet


A water supply


Under ground






What are the advantages and disadvantages of withdrawing groundwater?

-advantages are fresh water  disadvantages are the water will be at a lower level


Why are gas prices so high?

-Because there is so much of a demand for gas and their is a short supply

What causes prices to rise and fall?

-People go so many places at one time and it causes it to rise like when a big holiday comes around and a couple of weeks after that they go down because theirs not that many people going.

To whom it make concern, Gas prices are very high. You need to find a way to lower the gas prices. People are starting to buy less gas than they use to. They only buy enough to get buy for the week and some people have gone to riding bikes and mopeds so their is a demand not not much of one. If gas prices don't get lowered people wont buy gas any more and their will be no need for it, because environmental enthuses are trying to do with out gas because its killing the environment. Thank you for your time.


                                                                                                                        John Williamson


This was a great class. If every class was like this one high school would be very fun and i would be alot happier to come to school. Cant wait until i have another science class.


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