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CNN10 - 08/17/18

China sets its sights on the far side of the moon, hearings are planned for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, and we remember a highly influential American musician.

Red Tailed Hawk

Description- one of the most common hawks in north america. You'll see them if you pay close attention, you'll have a better chance of seeing one over an open field or on light poles to scope out the opens to catch their prey. If you don't have a good eye you can easily mistake this hawk for an eagle. They attack at a slow pace, more along the lines of a sneak attack.


Tyler: I've seen this hawk in action before, many times! There fun to watch as they circle fields and hunt down their prey. They're also a pretty bird in general. These birds are not like buzzards they help more than hurt. They eat poisonous snakes and small varmints.

Austin:This is a really cool hawk. They are master hunters. They sit back and scope out their prey before they go in for the kill. They may hunt slow but they hunt with percision.

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