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CNN10 - 08/17/18

China sets its sights on the far side of the moon, hearings are planned for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, and we remember a highly influential American musician.

Barn Owl

Description: The barn owl is the most widely distributed species of owl and the most widespread of all birds. Farmers use and like having these owls because they help keep down the rodent population. They hunt silently at night so they're prey never hear or see them coming.

They really help the farmers out a lot.


Tyler: These owls stalk at night in the rafters of barns and eat rats that eat all the farm seed and snakes thats a possible threat to barn animals and humans. These creatures are helpful if anything.

Austin: I think this is great. They can help farmers keep down rodents so they don't eat their crops. This is a great help to the farmers bec the owls help their profit and get fed at the same time its a win win situation.


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