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CNN10 - 05/25/18

The U.S. cancels an upcoming summit with North Korea, a sports controversy centers on the U.S. National Anthem, and "water taxis" are given test rides in Paris.

Title: Piebald deer


Summary: Piebald is usually a large mammal. To know for sure they have white spots on the body. Sometimes you can see them in all white, but that's more along the lines of an albino deer.

Tyler: These are fascinating creatures with the gene mixtures are hard to find but when you do you'll know for sure what it is. These animals are found in the west and northwest US parts.

Austin: Piebald is a mix of genetics. It is a very pretty coloration and it is a dream of mine to kill one. Many huntrs have a dream of killing a piebald deer. One day maybe mine will come true.


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