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CNN10 - 05/25/18

The U.S. cancels an upcoming summit with North Korea, a sports controversy centers on the U.S. National Anthem, and "water taxis" are given test rides in Paris.

can bite deer and give them lyme disease. So they said this year there was more ticks than normal because it was so hot. response:

Tyler: I think this is false. I have walked all in the woods and haven’t seen any less or more.So i disagree. After it gets cold you see less any ways. We buy repellant to repel them away from us.

Austin: I i dont think anymore or less of them than i already do. I just mind my on business and go thru the woods as normally. But it does bother me i can get lyme disease from them. So i put repellant on to try to repel them. And i keep on hunting.


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