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CNN10 - 08/17/18

China sets its sights on the far side of the moon, hearings are planned for a U.S. Supreme Court nominee, and we remember a highly influential American musician.

can bite deer and give them lyme disease. So they said this year there was more ticks than normal because it was so hot. response:

Tyler: I think this is false. I have walked all in the woods and haven’t seen any less or more.So i disagree. After it gets cold you see less any ways. We buy repellant to repel them away from us.

Austin: I i dont think anymore or less of them than i already do. I just mind my on business and go thru the woods as normally. But it does bother me i can get lyme disease from them. So i put repellant on to try to repel them. And i keep on hunting.


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