Parents and Guardians,

Welcome to Charter Conservatory's Volunteer Page, below you will find several ways to receive volunteer hours throughout the course of a nine week session.

- The first Thursday of each month that we are in session, the school hosts a family fun night. Each family that comes will  receive volunteer hours.

- You can request  to be added to our substitute list, this is a great opportunity to earn  close to 9 hours in one day. 

- You can earn an hour for donation of supplies..... Clorox wipes, copy paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, kleenex, etc....

- Parents/guardians are always welcome to come in the building at their leisure, teachers may have something available for them to do.

- Parents/guardians can volunteer to come in during the week and help with lunch duty.

- At the teachers approval, parents/guardians are welcome to accompany their child on field-trips.

At any time you may contact me at blewis@chartercat.org or the following:

(912) 764-5888  (school)

I thank you for your support of our school and your child's education.

J. Benji Lewis

CCAT Volunteer Coordinator

Student Services Director

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